Research Workshop

POLS 004: Intro. to International Politics

Sara Powell - Reference & Instruction Resident

Sarah Elichko - Social Science & Data Librarian

Question 1:

How do you find articles from major newspapers, without having to search each one individually?


Starting from the POLS 004 Research Guide, go to the
News & Current Affairs tab.


- LexisNexis - Click the S to connect to this database.
         Under the search box, click Advanced Options.
         Type a newspaper name, then click enter.


Question 2:

If you want to find news coverage from the country or region you’re researching, where can you find it?


From the Research Guide, select:
- Access World News

Recap:  finding news

News databases let you be more precise and efficient in your research.

- Sources

         Search multiple sources at once

         Select by region and country

- Language

         Some databases include translated articles

- Relevance

          Limit your search to headlines, lead paragraphs



Question 3:

If you're looking for scholarly articles on your research topic and you're finding too many, how can you narrow down your results to political science journals?


From the research guide, select the How to Find Journal Articles tab.
- Web of Science -  Enter your search terms (drop-down: Topic)
          To specify a journal title, set the drop-down to

          Publication Name, then enter the title.


- Political Science Databases - Select one from the Research
         Guide, then use Change Databases link to add the others.


POLS 004

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POLS 004

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