Research Workshop

POLS 004: International Politics


Sarah Elichko
Social Science
& Data Librarian

Response Paper 2: Current Affairs
Sources must include news articles
from specific publications
(due in 2 weeks)


Long Essay
Sources must include scholarly
journal articles (from IR)

International Organization

International Studies Quarterly

World Politics

Journal of Conflict Resolution

American Political Science Review

(All mentioned in Models, Numbers, and Cases reading from last week.)

Scholarly journals  (IR & POLS)

Suggestion 1:

Structure your searches to emphasize results from reliable and relevant sources.


Structure your searches to emphasize
scholarly articles


1. Google Scholar     

2. Web of Science


war source:("international organization" OR "american political science review" OR "international security")

Topic:  war

Publication Name: international organization OR american political science review OR international security

Suggestion 2:

Use research tools that provide filters for narrowing results.


Filtering results
Web of Science > Google Scholar

- Limit to articles by subject category

- Articles published within a certain date range

- Re-sort (by relevance, times cited, date)

Suggestion 3:
Use publication and other filters when searching for news articles, too.

Compare NexisUni & Access World News

     (NexisUni = LexisNexis)

- Choose a topic and run a very broad search.


- Relevance

          Limit your search to headlines, lead paragraphs

- Publications
         Search multiple sources at once (by title, by country)

- Date ranges

         Useful for narrowing your results 


Research Advice


Sarah Elichko
Social Sciences & Data Librarian

- Office Hours:

          Tuesdays, 11-1 and Fridays, 1-3 PM
          Held at the Research & Info Desk in McCabe

- Schedule a time to meet (link on POLS 004 Guide)

- Email -

POLS 004 - International Politics - Spring 2018

By Swarthmore Reference

POLS 004 - International Politics - Spring 2018

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