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Spring RIAs schedule
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Use the R&I Desk Survey to
record questions answered:
• In-person
• Via email
• By phone

Not for chat or directional Qs

<--- remember to check + respond!

Desk drawer

• Name Tag
• RIA Badge
• Signs (e.g. "We'll Be Right Back")
• Binder w/ emergency info, etc.

Brief security

Spring 2017 Schedule*
RIA Workshops & Events

Feb. 7th or 9th // PizzaRIA
       Joint workshop w/ Access & Lending

Feb. 28th // Research & Rescue
       Co-working + research advice

Mar. 28 or 30 // RIAs Workshop

Before finals / 1 more RIAs workshop (TBA)

Week of April 11th // Research & Rescue

Reference Core Competencies
the quiz

Question #1 & 2:  new trico urls!

Question #3, 4, 5:  journals + articles + tripod

Question #6:  all the databases

Librarian mind-reading
aka the "reference interview"

"I needed a list of the environmental disasters in the last twenty-five years."

Patron   At the outset the librarian asked if I could provide an example of what I meant by environmental disaster.  I typed back “Katrina, Chernobyl, Dhopal in India, Hiroshima.”

Librarian  “Katrina is more of a natural disaster, while all others are man made, that's why I asked for examples. So you are including Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes?”

Patron   “Yes, you are right. Actually I am looking for man-made disasters – although with Katrina you could argue that global warming contributed. But mostly man-made…”

(Source:  In Perpetual Beta)

Six Steps in a Successful Reference
Interview   (Cassell & Hiremath)

(1) establishing rapport
(2) negotiating the query
(3) agreeing on a strategy
(4) locating and evaluating resources
(5) following up to ensure satisfaction
(6) ending the interview

three main points
- check in regularly
- ask good questions
- follow-through + refer

What does reference service do for patrons?  
Why do we offer research consultations in-person?

During your next desk shift, read + annotate:

Magi, Trina J. and Mardeusz, Patricia E., (2013)
"Why Some Students Continue to Value Individual, Face-to-Face Research Consultations in a Technology-Rich World."College & Research Libraries.  // link


Research & Info Associates - Spring 2017 - Workshop 1

By Swarthmore Reference

Research & Info Associates - Spring 2017 - Workshop 1

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