RIAs Summer Workshop

Monday, Aug. 28 - Afternoon pt. 1
(What's out there + ILL)

What's out there?

(library resources near & far)

Tri-College Consortium

E-Z Borrow
Academic libraries
in PA, NJ, NY

InterLibrary Loan

Libraries all over
the world

   Penn      Drexel     Temple     NYU      Rutgers

  Swat          Haverford      Bryn Mawr

 Oxford              Columbia              Sciences Po  

Harvard       Stanford     Museum of Natural History

Library Resource Networks: What's Available to You

Exploring Interlibrary Loan

How can we simplify explanation of the Interlibrary Loan process?

Let's use Infographics as a procedural

explanation tool, but first, what is an infographic?


What are the features of a strong infographic?

What goals does a successful infographic accomplish?

Demystifying Interlibrary Loan

Use these questions to begin to design an infographic explaining how ILL works.

  • How would you define ILL?
  • When might someone need to take advantage of ILL?
  • What is the first step to using ILL?
  • What would the last step be?
  • What is something that people commonly forget, but could help them through the process?
  • Other trivia or facts to include?


Books in

To find more books (music, etc.)
on a topic, search


Articles in

* and other library resources
   (e.g. JSTOR, Proquest)

You can request
of any article
(journal, news, magazine).

RIAs Summer Workshop 2018 | Monday Afternoon (pt. 1)

By Swarthmore Reference

RIAs Summer Workshop 2018 | Monday Afternoon (pt. 1)

What's out there / search limiting, tour of the library

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