RIAs Summer Workshop

Monday, Aug. 28 - Afternoon, pt. 2
(Information organization)


Everyone get a bag!

🍬 First, sort your candy

in a way that makes sense to you (size, color, taste, texture, price, age, yumminess, whatever). (2 min)

🍭 Next, partner up.

Compare your different methods of organization. (Why did you choose the method you did?) (3 min)

🍡 Finally, identify 3-5 categories

which you and your partner think would be most useful in categorizing the candy. (10 min)
Like, imagine you have a huuuge candy database. Which characteristics would you want to be able to search by?

Fields →  

Let's look at some examples...

  • AACR (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules)
    • Classification (at Swat): Library of Congress
  • DACS (Describing Archives: A Content Standard)
  • Dublin Core
  • US Goverment Publishing Office
    • Classification: SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents)

Why did the institutions/groups choose the fields they did?

Which fields do you think are controlled vocabulary? Why?

subject headings



  • variant spellings (American / British)

  • scientific vs. popular terms (cockroach / Periplaneta americana)

  • choices between synonyms (automobile / car)

Using controlled vocabulary to search more precisely / strategically...

(pt. 2)

RIAs Summer Workshop | Monday Afternoon (pt. 2)

By Swarthmore Reference

RIAs Summer Workshop | Monday Afternoon (pt. 2)

Information organization

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