What's out there???

Library Resources + Collections

Goal: Explore the scope and variety of library resources + collections

(near and far...)

Library Resources + Collections

a zoomed out view
      (vs. usual point-of-need)





{Subscriptions, Books, Journal Articles, Databases}

  {Research help from librarians + RIAs}

{Requesting articles, Borrowing books from other libraries}

The Libraries

{McCabe, Cornell, Underhill}



Tripod (Books & Media) :: TriCo Libraries

Worldcat :: All the Libraries

Tripod Books & Media:        39 results

Worldcat Search:             3,763 results

Worldcat includes:
- Results from more libraries
- Public + academic

Tri-College Consortium

E-Z Borrow
Academic libraries
in PA, NJ, NY

InterLibrary Loan

Libraries all over
the world

   Penn      Drexel     Temple     NYU      Rutgers

  Swat          Haverford      Bryn Mawr

 Oxford              Columbia              Sciences Po  

Harvard       Stanford     Museum of Natural History

Library Resource Networks: What's Available to You

Finding Stuff:

1. Is it in Tripod? Search by...

    -- Book: the title
    -- Article: the article title (or publication title)


2. Can I request it?

    -- In TriCo:  Sign into Tripod, then Request

    -- Book (not TriCo):  Borrow Beyond TriCo --> EZBorrow

    -- Article:

              First: In Tripod, try Expand My Results. Click Request.

              Not found:  Borrow Beyond TriCo --> Article Request

What's out there? | RIAs Summer Workshop 2019 (Mon. Aug. 27 10am)

By Swarthmore Reference

What's out there? | RIAs Summer Workshop 2019 (Mon. Aug. 27 10am)

Library resources + collections: understanding the scope and variety

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