RIAs Workshop


Our agenda:

• Desk shifts, class visits, events
• Who/what/where (referrals)

• Dinner (Shere E Punjab)

Desk Shifts

   -Extended hours? (10-11)

   -Calendar w/ shifts


• Study Breaks
     Snack budget (~$30)

     (Option re: snacks)

Class Visits (Bio?)

Marketing & Publicity
• Two volunteers?

• Applications open 2/10/20
• Interviews for new RIAs, 3/18-30
• Farewell to Pidgin (new chat)
• Save the date: 08/28/20 (Fri)

Who/What/Where: Referrals

Julio is a new faculty member in Physics. He’d like to introduce his students to the history of the discipline, maybe through a project involving early photographs or other historical documents.

First steps?


Who/What/Where: Referrals

>> Library Staff

Who/What/Where: Referrals
>> Library Staff

Borrowing, returns,
reserves,TriCo requests  ---> circ@swat
EZBorrow, Interlibrary   ---> emailILL

    Loan, Requests
Quakers, genealogy       ---> friends
College History             ---> archives

Who/What/Where: Referrals

- Student ITSAs in McCabe
- Help Desk (daytime)

- ITS KnowledgeBase

Writing Resources (WAs)
Student Academic Mentors (SAMs)

Academic Support
Diversity Peer Advisors

First step, then refer
- Try to understand the patron’s     

  needs, not just their question

Be aware of
- Time constraints
- Familiarity w/ topic
- Referral: "the handoff"

RIAs Workshop 02/04/20

By Swarthmore Reference

RIAs Workshop 02/04/20

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