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• What are examples you think of?
• What's your definition?

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• Primary, secondary, tertiary
• Changes in use over time
• Reference vs. stacks (not always clear)

Paywalls / Articles / Subscriptions
Tripod / Worldcat
EZBorrow / Interlibrary Loan / Article Delivery

I want to read an article from (French newspapers) Le Figaro, but it's behind a paywall.

I want to read an article from a 1943 issue of The Answer.

(The magazine's description: "A non-sectarian approach to the problems of the Hebrew people in Europe and Palestine")


It's not online. How do I find it?


I'm looking for a copy of
The Logic of Political Survival (a book).


How do I get a copy of the following article? (I went through Google, and it's paywalled.)


Ethics Revised: Flourishing as Vulnerable and Dependent, International Journal of Philosophical Studies Vol. 10 (3), 339-363



Individual article --> do we have a subscription to the journal/magazine?
(Tripod journal title search)

If not, fill out the article delivery form

If not, check Worldcat --> Interlibrary Loan
(Title search, Serials, Relevance)


Book, not in Tripod --->
First check EZBorrow
If n/a, check Worldcat + use ILL

Study breaks
RIAs zine

What do you wish you had known about the library / doing research as a first-year student?



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