RIAs Workshop



New Tripod + Research Parties + Pupusas

Tonight's Agenda

- Research Guides update

- New Tripod test* + talk

         * the system, not you!

- Research Parties, Pop-Ups, and more

FYI:  Research Guides Update

You can now look for databases by
content type (also still by subject).

>> Database Finder (on Research Guides)


New Tripod

2 minutes test / 5 minutes talk

Known Item - specific book or article

Exploring - find resources on a topic

What did you expect?
(optimistically :)

What actually happened?

New Tripod: 3 tips

Make sure you’re using the right school’s Tripod

(especially for online resources)

Search works from right-to-left by default
(or try the “starts with” option, under Advanced Search)


Finding course reserves

(Filters for Course Department, e.g. Swarthmore History)



Research Parties

Exhibits & Events (Pop Ups)

Interviews for new RIAS

RIAs workshop

By Swarthmore Reference

RIAs workshop

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