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  • To show what is happening in Web Development world.
  • And in turn, guide you to get you started with it.

What Is 'Web Development'?

Is It Boring? Look At These:

Get Inspired:

  • FWA | Favourite Website Awards. [Link]
  • Awwards | The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet. [Link]
  • DesignLicks | Amazing websites everyday!. [Link]

How To Get Started Then?

Actually Build Something:

  • And learn along the way.
  • Something small. But make it functional & complete.
  • It is all right to get a helping hand but keep it to a minimum.
  • Learn to walk before you can run.

Learn At Your Own Pace, Online.

Through Tutorial Websites:

  • Tuts+ | Learn Creative Skills, Shape Your Future. [Link]
  • Codecademy | Learn To Code. [Link]
  • Sitepoint | Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby & Responsive Design. [Link]

Or Through Video Tutorials:

  • Pluralsight | Hardcore Developer and IT Training. [Link]
  • Lynda | Online video tutorials & training. [Link]
  • Treehouse | Learn Web Design, Web Development, and More. [Link]
  • Udacity | Advance Your Career Through Project-Based Online Classes. [Link]
  • Code Avengers | learn to code games, apps and websites. [Link]
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy | Free IT Training, Online Learning Of Microsoft Technologies. [Link].

Or Through eBooks:

  • HTML And CSS: Design And Build Websites By Jon Duckett. [Link]
  • O'Reilly Media | HTML & CSS. [Link]

And Of Course, There Is Always..

P.S. Read Scott Hanselman's thoughtful piece on 'Googling'. [Link]

Be (Socially) Active:

  • Follow companies & people who post technology updates on a regular basis.
  • On Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc.
  • Communities are small, and are comprised of some of the nicest people.
  • Engage with them. Ask for guidance. Respect their time.

Find A Mentor:

  • In your vicinity. Someone who is easily approachable.
  • Slowly expand your circle.

Keep A Pulse On Latest Trends:

  • Follow Design and Development Blogs such as:
  • The Next Web. [Link]
  • Wired. [Link]
  • VentureBeat. [Link]
  • Mashable Tech. [Link]
  • Smashing Magazine. [Link]
  • ... and many more.

Point Is: Find Passion.


Thank You.

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