How to rid Arizona of Dark Money

Dark Money is anonymous corporate cash flowing into Arizona designed to influence our elections by misleading voters.

Because Dark Money is anonymous, it means nobody is accountable. These groups can say and do ANYTHING without anyone calling them on it.

So thanks to Dark Money, you have to sit through a lot of these anonymous attack ads while you're trying to watch TV.

Even conservative Justice Antonin Scalia has written that he doesn't want to live in a country where people and corporations try to influence our elections anonymously. 

Following a deluge

of Dark Money from

the Koch brothers in

2012, California,

New York, Utah,

Maryland, Connecticut,

along with a handful of other states have taken a stand against anonymous corporate cash. 

But thanks to Arizona's own lax campaign finance laws, our state is quickly becoming the Cayman Islands for Dark Money. 

Sounds pretty awful right?

So what do we do?

Lucky for us, this guy has a plan.

Terry Goddard's plan would go after Dark Money on all sides, forcing anonymous corporate dollars into the light. 



It takes a few bear with us.

1. Terry would require that any ads shown in Arizona using Dark Money include this disclaimer: 



"Paid for by X

which is not

affiliated with

any candidate

and does not disclose the

identity of its contributors."  

2. Terry would create a so-called "Bright Line Trigger" -- which would require any organization paying for ads that mention any candidate on an Arizona ballot within 60 days of an election to register as a political organization with the Secretary of State's office and disclose its contributors.

3. Terry would expand the definition of "doing business" in Arizona statutes to include out of state groups trying to influence our elections. That would force these groups to register with the Secretary of State, creating more opportunities for disclosure and audits.

4. Terry would establish an audit protocol so that a random sample of 10% to 20% of dark money groups operating in Arizona are audited each election cycle to discover the original sources of funding. The audits would be conducted by the state's Department of Revenue so that they are well outside of political influence and would be conducted by specialists.

Still with us?

We know there's a lot of fun stuff on the Internet....

But this Dark Money stuff is important!

It's only the fate of our democracy at stake....

So we're all glad Terry Goddard has a plan to get Dark Money out of Arizona. But how is he going to make it a law?

We're so happy you asked!

1. As Secretary of State, Terry will use his experience as a prosecutor and as our former Attorney General to follow the money -- much like he did in going after drug cartels and money launderers. 

2. Terry will push the Arizona Legislature for a real Dark Money law that includes each section of his plan to rid Arizona of Dark Money. 

3. If the legislature won't act, Terry will take his anti-Dark Money law to the voters with an initiative.

It's going to take a lot of work, but Terry Goddard has been fighting for Arizona voters his entire life. 

Help Terry get Dark Money out of Arizona by going to and signing his petition to Stop Dark Money.