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why jQuery ?

Challenge in Past

  • Cross Browser Issue
  • Feature implement
  • Handmade UI effect
  • Performance 

challenge now

  • Progressive enhancement
  • Responsive Web Design 
  • Big Data 
  • Code Organizations
  • Lib Dependency Managment
  • Flow design 

JS Style  Past

  • Easy to write 
  • Easy to debug 
  • Easy to use 

JS Style Now

  • Easy to write (Expert only)
  • Easy to debug (Expert only)
  • Easy to use (Yes I am kidding.)


Decide ROLE 

  • Director
  • Employee
  • Part-time


Control everything in the website.

Have to get ride of all following skills:
  • Backend Implement
  • PJAX Issue (History)
  • Dependency Managment
  • Security issue
  • Data issue
  • Custom UI effects
  • Browser specific behaviors


Works in some specific page and feature.

Not trying to take other's job.

  • Map 
  • Page animation
  • Form Validations


It's simple and it' hard to break.

  • Date picker 
  • Color picker
  • Tab

Choice the easy way

Alwasy think the user scenario.

Make page more simple.
Progressive enhancement.

not always cool

  • Ajax is annoying .
  • Animation make user feeling confuse.
  • Direct links and history are important.

Serve your purpose

One purpose each time


Know your requirement first.

You have to know about this 
before we discuss technology issues.

jquery review

By TonyQ Wang

jquery review

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