1. Neocapita

2. The Problem

3. What is Stoneblock?

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4. Key Features

We're Neocapita

■  Startup: 2017, Estonia, 8x, self-funded.

■  Advisors: 6x, Cambridge University, Estonian e-Governance Academy, Austrian Government, Silicon Valley Veteran Entrepreneur, Ethereum Guru

■  Experience: consulting to government in 33 countries

■  Co-authored: climate finance, data archiving & retention

■  Acknowledgements: Forbes, NASDAQ, MIT Blockchain Innovation Lab, Bitcoin, Coindesk, DevEx

■  Services: (a) Stoneblock: unified digital registry; (b) consulting: DLT/InfoSec/Crypto; (c) training: DLT/Crypto/e-Gov

THE Problem

■  Citizens possess many government-issued documents over their life: birth certificate, marriage certificate, single-status certificate, car registration, residence registration, library card, health benefits card, tax regisration, business licenses, etc.

■  Citizens engage in economic activity and often present these documents by email, fax, post, or in person; as an original and/or in copy; as-is and/or notarised by another party.

■  It is time consuming, costly and inefficient working with these documents while ensuring they are also authentic, have integrity, and are kept confidential.

■  The cost of that inefficiency, globally, is in excess of hundred of billions of dollars in lost productivity, environmental resources, and citizen disempowerment.

What is Stoneblock?

Stoneblock is a unified digital registry providing a mobile 'vault' for citizens and a globally accessible repository of their 'documents of value', as they are verified and issued by a government or authorities jurisdiction.  

Key Features

■  Customisable document types

■  Fully-permissioned blockchain

■  Government writes to Stoneblock when document is final

■  Secure mobile-first 'document vault' for the citizen

■  Fast, secure, inexpensive G2G interoperability

■  Does not replicate e-government 'workflow' systems

■  Integrates to existing database & identity infrastructure


Email: info@neocapita.com

Telegram: @neocapita

Web: neocapita.com


By Tony Willenberg



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