Demystifying the full-time hiring process

The Interview


  • Review of Application process
  • Announcement
  • Interview Questions
  • Teaching Demonstration
  • Presidential Interview
  • Your Questions for the committee

Review of Applications

  • Read announcement, looking for directions
  • Write cover letter based on directions, usually minimum and desirable/preferred qualifications
  • Use specific examples in cover letter

Cover Letter

  • Emphasize teaching experience, professional development, department work, other projects
  • Have someone else in CC's proofread

More Review of

  • Resume/CV
  • Might be supplemental questions; check for them
  • Questions in online application


  • Diversity statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Research the campus

The Interview

Remember to breathe

Read the announcement

Again! Interview questions are usually determined based on the minimum and desirable/preferred qualifications.

Interview Questions

Interview Questions

  • Will vary by institution depending on their needs, usually indicated through the announcement
  • Sometimes, you will need to answer content based questions
  • General sample questions can be found on google
  • Your colleagues have sample questions, whether they recently interviewed or were on hiring committees; restrictions may apply
  • Reflect on professional learning



  • You are given a prompt
  • Some schools want innovation, some want engagement, some want traditional. Announcement should provide insight.
  • You may have an impromptu office hour role play or "tutoring" session
  • Apply professional learning

Teaching Demo Cont.

  • Technology?
  • Practice
  • Stay within time limit
  • Practice
  • Would you actually use your teaching demo in your class?



Know that

President makes the ultimate decision. Vice President has the most influence

Questions based on mission statement of the college

Research the college!!!

You're interviewing the college as well.

First round questions are about classroom and department

Final round questions are about fit of college and bigger thinking ideas; may feel more conversational (with follow up questions)

Why do you want to teach at our college?

Your questions for the committee

Really, what do you want to know about the college?

This is a great opportunity to research the department and ask about something you're interested in.

You can also provide a closing statement, perhaps something similar to the concluding paragraph in your cover letter.

Might bring a portfolio of projects worked on or innovative practices in classroom

Potential Questions

What qualifications and experiences make you the best candidate for this position?

What new innovative things have you done in the classroom?

How do you ensure you're able to help the most struggling students while challenging the most successful?

How have you helped students with disabilities?


  • Bring notes based on your application/cover letter. You might be able to use them.
  • Ask for a few minutes to review the questions before the timer starts. Relate these to your notes.
  • The committee might allow you to add to a question you previously answered. They also might allow you to skip a question and come back to it; you'll need to still stay within the time limit.
  • Committee members writing may mean that your response is a good one.



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