Práticas ágeis em projetos mobile

Wennder dos Santos

Wennder dos Santos

About me

Before we start

There are lots of ways to be as a person

That's keep us... us

We need to be true to who we are

Everybody has a talent

or even talents

During our lives, we constantly unlock talents

Don’t let anybody tell you that you no nothing


Now, let's start :)

Práticas ágeis em projetos mobile

How is your delivery process?

Dropbox? :(

Email? :(

If you are doing those things, I need to say:


You are suffering for free

Talking about framework and toolings

Do you know React?

Sure you know

Let's say you don't know.

A quickly view in what React is

Open source
Component based
Learn Once, Write Anywhere

Rethinking good practices

And React Native,

do you know?

A quickly view in what

React Native is

Native mobile apps using React
Yes, I said: native
Android, iOS, UWP
Hot reloading
Why not Xamarin?

Let's see some stuff working...

or not


Wennder dos Santos