Hackerspace movement in north Africa

RightsCon 2016, Silicon Valley

Med Amine

aka Yuri lz

Security Engineer at Sifaris Paris


Co Founder of Hackerspace Djerba




Before the revolution

  • Censorship aka 404ammar
  • Internet monitoring
  • Discouraged Creativity
  • No freedom of speech
  • .....

Tunisian Revolution Jan 2011

Yeah !



Hackerspace movement
 in north africa

Hackerscop, Tunis  2012






Hackerspace movement
 in north africa

Freedom online forum, Tunis  2013

  • Freedom of expression on the Internet
  • Cultural and economic development worldwide


Meetings and Training sessions

What is a Hacker


  • Learn
  • Improve
  • Share 

Why Hack?

thanks  @HaifaFtirich

NA Girls in hacking

NA Girls in hacking

Rebat  August 2014

Coworkingspace Casa's members

 Djerba october 2014

Hackers meeting

Gustaf Björksten, Hackzone April 2014

AccessNow support

Hackzone Tunis April 2015

AccessNow support

Moroccan support

Hackzone Tunis April 2015

Zackaria Rachid


Security consultant


Active member of the Moroccan community

Hackzone Tunis April 2015


National projects

Software freedom day, Sept 2015 Tunis

Hackerspace Djerba

Launch of the hackerspace Djerba


Djerba,  January 2015

Hackerspace Djerba

  • A part of a growing movement
  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Place to :
  1. Inspire
  2. Learn
  3. Teach & Share
  4. Hang out
  5. Eat

HackerCamp, September 2016

CCCamp16 , Berlin August 2015

Meeting European hackers

They believe in us

Funding hackerspaces

Hackerspace movement
 in north africa

Now we’re working together and helping create new hackerspaces and gathering youth for national projects