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  • Particularly Particles

  • Creative Coding With Mar Canet

  • my dark emscripten secrets

    my dark emscripten secrets

  • Creative Coding Meetup #4

  • Creative Coding TalksĀ #3

  • cssconf 2014

  • Creative Coding #2

  • Git & Visualization

    slides for presentation for SingaporeJS talk.js meetup

  • Singapore Creative Coding Meetup #1

    Content for my first meetup of Creative Coding

  • deck

  • Live Coding JS&Light Table IDE

    Slides for the intro / demo about Live Coding JS with Light Table IDE at talk.js. What you probably need to see is the last slide.

  • The js1k Experience

    A short talk about JS1K I gave at Meetup JS Singapore ( on May 6, 2013

  • jumpstart threejs