• Creating your own Form Controls in Angular

  • Ng Pakistan Virtual Meetup Questions

  • JavaScript Sync & Async Programming Workshop

    JavaScript Sync & Async Programming Workshop @TechKaro

  • Mastering web performance audits with Github Actions & LightHouse

  • Minimal functional programming concepts in JavaScript

  • 5 tips to hack your career growth

    5 tips to hack your career growth - A casual chat with Q&A

  • Why should you contribute to open source

    The talk was a quick set-up at Fedora 31 release party conducted at The Nest IO in Karachi, Pakistan

  • NodeSchool Karachi

    Just an introduction of NodeSchool Karachi

  • Portals

  • Angular Pakistan

    A bit about Angular Pakistan

  • Angular V8 - Features and Changes

  • Zero to app in 20 minutes with Angular & Firebase

    The slides are for a conference that's happening in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the Firebase Meetup KL.

  • Angular Architecture - Concept and Overview

    The session/workshop will teach you about Angular Architecture's best practices and patterns that you can use in your daily Angular projects.

  • Growth Hacks for SE Freshers in 2021

    Growth Hacks for SE Freshers in 2021

  • JavaScript - You are weird

    A talk happened at TechKaro - Karachi, Pakistan to students and freshers learning JavaScript.

  • Creating a classic game using HTML5 and JS

    A workshop given at ngGirls Karachi's Workshop2 demonstrating the usage of Canvas to create a game.

  • Async Await. Wait wut?

    This is a talk based on Async Await introduced in ES7 for JavaScript. Goes around different examples and usage where they appear most beneficial.

  • Journey of a Web Developer towards AI

    A brief talk on what has inspired me to go towards ML & AI. What are the exciting topics being talked about in the area of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

  • Go Reactive with NgRx

    A presentation (with a workshop) regarding how to make your Angular app go completely reactive with NgRx. This includes ngrx/store, ngrx/effects & ngrx/dev-tools

  • Creating PWAs using Angular

    The slides are meant to be for talks given at different places and they explain how we can quickly create Progressive Web Apps using Angular (2+). This works for new projects as well as projects you might have already created

  • Angular & NgRx

    A talk presented for Angular Pakistan meet up #3. Revolves around NgRx and how it makes Angular more awesome to work with

  • How to convert projects into products

  • ng2-change-detection

    Angular2 Change Detection, ZoneJS, Immutable Objects, Angular2 Change Detector Ref