Journey of a Web Developer towards AI

Ahsan Ayaz

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Let's talk about AI

What is AI?

Simulating an intellectual task

"[The automation of] activities that we associate with human thinking. Such as decision making, problem solving, learning..." ~ Bellman[1978]

"A field of study that seeks to explain & emulate intelligent behavior in terms of computational processes" ~ Schalkoff[1990]

Artificial Intelligence

Search & Planning

Reasoning & Knowledge Representation


Ability to move & manipulate objects / Robotics

Natural Language Processing


What inspired me towards AI


Autonomous / Driverless Vehicles

AI based web designs

Playing Games

Search Engines

Online Assistants

Image Recognition

Facebook's Face Detection

Apple's Animoji in iPhoneX

Spam Filtering

Prediction of Judicial Desicions

Robot lawyer, ‘DoNotPay’ | Screencap by Business Insider

Targeted Online Advertisement

Need more inspiration?

Economic Revolutions

The Singularity

The Singularity

(Artificial General Intelligence)


Bonus !!

Where do I start?

Here's the path I'm following:

Thank You

Sr. Full Stack Engineer

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Journey of a Web Developer towards AI

By Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz

Journey of a Web Developer towards AI

A brief talk on what has inspired me to go towards ML & AI. What are the exciting topics being talked about in the area of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

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