How to convert projects into products

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A project is an endeavour with a clear definition of what needs to be delivered and the date when it needs to be delivered.


A product doesn't have a clear definition as it needs to evolve over time. The requirements might change every week/month due to which there's no date of delivery

But Why?

Let me ask you something

Who are you?

The different one

The Landlord's Kid

Or, the confused one

Maybe you're just passionate

How to come up with a great idea?

Look around you

There are a lot of issues surrounding you. They're great opportunities for a business/product.

Grow your network

Be in contact with the right people who have common interests as yours

It is all about NUMBERS

If you solve a problem for yourself, think about how it could benefit the world

So what will it take to convert your project into a product?

Question yourself !

Before proceeding, ask yourself if you'd want to pursue 3+ years on this idea.


Be passionate about your IDEA/project.

Talk to others

Share your ideas !

No one is going to steal them. In fact, they can show you other aspects or can connect you to appropriate people.

Always be excited about your IDEA

If you aren't thrilled or excited about your IDEA, there's a chance that others won't be too.

Don't be afraid to FAIL !

No one can rise without falling. You have to accept the No(s), the positive criticism and even the failures

Create Buyers Personas

Attend Conferences and Meetups !

Consult with the amazing professors around

Now, some technical aspects.

Create an MVP

Do not waste too much time by adding non-crucial features to your product and launch your product with a robust MVP as soon as possible


Keep It Simple. Stupid !

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Always look for feedbacks

Improve the product gradually

Allow your users to provide feedback through email or some other medium

Use Analytics

Always KNOW what your users want. Use Google Analytics or some other tool to analyse which features they're interested in and what can increase the retention rate.

Always have a devised strategy for MARKETING

Social Media Marketing

Blogs & Articles

PPC Marketing

Follow the 80-20 Rule

 "80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients."

Questions ?

Thank You

Senior Software Engineer


How to convert projects into products

By Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz

How to convert projects into products

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