Getting started with Ruby on Rails

$who am i

  •  Me: Anagha R
  •  Third year CSE undergraduate @ Amrita University
  •  GHCI 2016 student scholar
  •  Advisor for #include by she++
  •  Coach for Django girls
  •  Active member of FOSS@Amrita



GET, SET, GO !!!

My Powerhouse: FOSS Club

  •  Guiding students for more than 10 years
  •  What you sow, so shall you reap :')
  •  Our motto: Code, Share and Grow!
  •   FOSS Alumni in prestigious companies or pursuing Masters/PhD in top universities.
  •  11 GSoC and Outreachy interns in 2016




Target Audience

Been there, done that!

Taking baby steps...


How did I reach here?

  • Studied biology in high school
  • unexpected entry into Computer Science 
  • fiddled around with application development
  • Yayyy programming :') 


Don't know coding ?

Don't worry, learn while you contribute!

Entry to open source

  •  Joined FOSS@Amrita
  •  Mentored by seniors
  •  Tasks assigned 
  •  Designed a website
  •  Contributed to open source
  •  Wrote articles concerning open source
  •  Worked with Django framework

Conversation with a Rails enthusiast made me fall in love with RoR!!

New community,

                     New beggining.

My strengths

  •  Interest in open source
  •  Have a good grip over Command line
  •  Familiar with version control system-Git
  •  E-mail etiquettes
  •  IRC and Slack
  •  Know how to Google effectively


Easy way: framework=>language

Initial stage

  • Documentations and video tutorials
  • Architecture and workflow of an app
  • Made my first app :)

What's next?

What if I try bug fixing?

  • Documentation bugs


  • Bugs with other tags  ???

Confused and upset!!

Really in need of a mentor.

Emails, IRC.....Nothing worked!!

Change of track.

Learn the basics first.

  •  Work on a project
  •  Work under coaches
  •  Learn while building
  •  Get connected to many RoR developers
  •  Work as a team

How RGSoC Works ??


  •  Find a team-mate
  •  Find coaches, mentors.
  •  Select a project.
  •  Plan.
  •  know people in the community



Target : RGSoC 2017

  •  Made some basic apps, what's next?
  •  Fixing solid bugs
  •  Getting guidance
  •  How to apply the little bits of knowledge?

Challenges faced!!

  •  Ask doubts
  •  Make maximum use of platforms like IRC, Slack


What did I learn?

  • Understand the workflow
  • learn while you build

What did I learn?

  •  Language=>Framework (It works!!)
  •  Find out the issues by yourselves

What did I learn?

  • Attend Meetup's, Conferences
  • Get connected to the community

What did I learn?



  •  Support from community
  •  Easy to get started, difficult to continue
  •  Rails - friendly, good documentation
  •  Videos and online tutorials- Codecademy, RubyMonk.
  •  Meetups and conferences (like this one)
  •  Programmes like RGSoC.


Engaging Newbies!!

  • Thinking from beginner's perspective
  •  Active forum for discussion
  •  More online workshops
  •  Competitions for newbies

Aur kya ?

  •  Found something ?       Discuss about it
  •  Have an innovative idea ?     Speak it out
  •  Fixed something?      Write about it

Code, Share and Grow
 Twitter:  @Anagha_RK


Thanks a lot!! Audience, RubyConfIndia2017, Organisers and my team FOSS@Amrita...


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