Management Circle People (I)

Matthew Barbara


Probation time

  • Team Motion
  • Looking good first 1,5 months
  • Things get dirty after that

Probation time

6 pillars to be happy

0: Sad, 1: ok-ish, 2: good, 3: very good

  1. 10x Devs around
  2. Salary
  3. Best coding practices
  4. Use of modern technologies
  5. Rapid development
  6. Workflow


  • only interested on coding
  • no meetings are necessary
  • but processes must be followed

10x Developer

  • wanted to be one
  • wanted to be surrounded by those

Motivation drop


  • Not well working together in team
  • Workflow not respected, but "don't like PDD"
  • Ideas were ignored
  • Bad talk behind the back

Change team phase

  • One sprint try in All Inclusive very positive for him
  • Not good communication with TeamMotion
  • Learning: never do such a test without you there!!


  • Hard start due to lack of motivation
  • Never really part of team


  • Being honest, Level Master of the universe
  • Initial idea: being one year and then moving forward to Z├╝rich
  • After TeamMotion, decided to look for something new
  • Already in interviews
  • Want to stay, but keeping looking for new things


  • State clear what HolidayCheck expects from him and he from HolidayCheck in paper
  • Exchange documents and mark commitments
  • Max. 3 Months
  • Weekly meetings
  • Monthly Checkins

Management Circle People (I)

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Management Circle People (I)

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