10 principles to guide your ethical portfolio work

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Kristina Hoeppner // Catalyst IT // @anitsirk Eportfolio Forum // 11 October 2023

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AAEEBL Digital Ethics Task Force

since 2019

Visualisation of the 10 digital ethics principles by the AAEEBL Task Force arranged in squares with empty ones indicating that there could be more in the future

What is digital ethics?


Write your ideas in the chat.

Because ethics refers to the way groups and individuals relate to, treat, and resolve issues with each other, digital ethics then encompasses how users and participants in online environments interact with each other and the technologies and platforms used to engage.

Source: Writing Commons

Are all our principles ethical principles or are some rather good practice?


Review the rationale of each principle and decide which ones are an ethical principle for you and which ones are good practice.

8 min.

Is anything missing?

In pairs (or alone), review one principle and think about

  • how would you apply it?
  • what would you add?


15 min.