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A Bit About Bastyr:

Bastyr's original campus is in Kenmore, WA, just outside of Seattle. Bastyr University California opened its doors in San Diego in fall 2012.

Bastyr University was founded in 1978 in honor of Dr. John Bastyr, a pioneering figure in natural medicine and a doctor and teacher who helped rescue the field of naturopathic medicine from obscurity. 

Today, Bastyr University California is home to 3 programs, with plans to expand its offerings by Fall 2021. 

The Bastyr University California community consists of about 220 students. Both the Kenmore and San Diego campuses combined have an alumni database of over 6,000.  

A Bit About Bastyr:

1st Floor

Building A


Neurology Lab

  • In the Histology Lab, students use powerful microscopes to study and familiarize themselves with different cell tissue types.  
  • Students and faculty also utilize the Neurology Lab, which focuses on the study of different parts of the brain and spinal cord. 

Dry Anatomy Lab

  • The Dry Anatomy Lab is home to a collection of supplemental tools for the study of anatomy. Students study the different nerves, arteries, veins, muscles and bones using many different anatomy models. 
  • Students utilize this room for courses like Infectious Disease, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Minor Surgery, Medical Procedures, Neuroscience and Clinical Lab Diagnosis.  



  • Faculty and students conduct research here with the support of grants from the National Institute of Health and private foundations. 
  • Faculty and students have the opportunity to initiate their own research projects and invite others to participate.

Physical Exam Lab

  • First year naturopathic medical students spend a lot of time in the Physical Medicine Lab; They must pass a Clinical Skills course, where they learn to perform physical exams and minor manipulations on patients in this space.

Gross Anatomy Lab

  • The Gross Anatomy Lab allows students to take a hands-on approach to learning about the body.
  • Research shows that dissection helps students to better understand the human body. 
  • Bastyr University is one of the few ND schools to offer this as a part of their program; Each student treats the donor as their first patient.

Clinical Diagnosis Lab

  • Affectionately known as the “Stab Lab,” this is where ND students in their second year learn to draw blood samples and interpret fasting blood glucose tests and EKG readings, among many other tests. 

2nd Floor

Building A


  • This is an example of one of the classroom spaces. 
  • Student to faculty ratio ranges from 4:1 - 15:1. 


  • As the main classroom for the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology program, this room is where students learn a fresh approach to mental health counseling that is grounded in health psychology.

Student Kitchen and Lounge

  • Available for student use as a space for studying, eating, and food preparation.
  • Lucky Bolt Delivery Service – Students place their order and have their healthy lunch delivered. Menu options include gluten-free, Vegetarian, dairy-free diets and more are available. 
  • Student run food pantry – Non-perishable food is stocked several times a year for students in need.

Common Area

  • Used as an area for open meetings, or as an area for students to have lunch, study and build community. 
  • Community Chalk Wall: Students can write ideas, words of encouragement and announcements. 

Bastyr University Clinic

  • The Bastyr University Clinic serves around 10,000 patients per year, not including our offsite clinics, EJE Academy and Alternative Healing Network.

The Clinic

  • The clinic is open to serve patients of all ages.
  • Open Monday through Friday, including evenings.
  • Students simply walk across the street from school – there is no commute to get from the university to the clinic! 

ND Exam Room

  • One of Bastyr University Clinic’s 19 exam rooms 
  • Bastyr University Clinic operates under a Team Care model, where the patient receives care from students who are supervised by a licensed clinician.
  • In these rooms, students and licensed providers assess a patient’s mental health.

Mind-Body Room

  • As natural health leaders who believe in a holistic approach to healing the body, Bastyr University understands the connection between the mind and the body, and how, if left untreated, the mind can cause physical symptoms to manifest.
  • In this room, student clinicians meet with the supervising doctor before, during and after their shift to speak privately about the patient they are treating. From there, they form a plan of care and present it to the patient. 

Review Rooms

  • The Dispensary stocks herbs in bulk and homeopathic remedies.


  • Here, student clinicians formulate tinctures that are prescribed to their patients. 
  • Students receive hands-on experience in preparing herbal tinctures, salves, teas and compresses. 

Botanical Medicine Lab

  • The Botanical Medicine club gives students additional opportunities to learn how to make their own herbal creations. It is open to all students to join. 
  • Bastyr University believes in a whole foods philosophy - eating as close to nature as possible with foods that are as close to being unprocessed and unrefined. 

Nutrition Kitchen Lab

  • Each station has top-of-the-line cookware and appliances. 
  • Nutrition classes are open to all students, as whole person health often starts with food.  
  • It is also used for community cooking classes, which the students may also attend. 
  • The Hydrotherapy Room is where students treat patients when they are on a physical medicine shift.

Hydrotherapy Room

  • Hydrotherapy is the use of water at different temperatures and forces as a treatment that helps to increase blood flow, to get metabolism and digestion going, or stimulate wound healing.
  • In this space, students work with patients to learn stretches, physical manipulations, taping and ultrasounds. Students are closely supervised by Doctor of Chiropractor (DCs) faculty members.

Physical Medicine Room

Building C

  • Bastyr has a comprehensive collection of conventional, complementary and integrated medical resources including thousands of online research and clinical databases, e-journals, and e-books. 


  • Students can utilize one-on- one research consultations in person or online. 
  • Free article request service for any materials outside Bastyr’s collection.
  • Here, you can find equipment for a great quick workout. 

Multi-Purpose Fitness Room

  • MS in Nutrition for Wellness students use this space for their class on exercise and nutrition.
  • SGA (Student Government Association) officers hold their office hours here to allow students to meet with them and voice their opinions about anything related to Bastyr University. 

SGA Office