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A Bit About Bastyr:

The first program offered by Bastyr was Naturopathic Medicine.

Bastyr University was founded in 1978 in honor of Dr. John Bastyr, a pioneering figure in natural medicine and a doctor and teacher who helped rescue the field of naturopathic medicine from obscurity. 

A Bit About Bastyr:

Today, Bastyr offers more than 19 different degrees and certificate programs.  

As of Spring 2021, the Bastyr University's Kenmore campus includes 837 students, 200 faculty and over 6,000 alumni across the globe. 

The Campus


  • Bastyr has a comprehensive collection of conventional, complementary and integrated medical resources, including thousands of research and clinical databases, e-journals and e-books. ​
  • Students can utilize one on one research consultations in person or online.
  • Students have access to a free article request service for any materials outside Bastyr’s collection.


  • This is an example of one of Bastyr’s classroom spaces.
  • The student to faculty ratio ranges from 4:1 - 15:1.


  • The bookstore carries all the usual supplies that you would find in a bookstore (textbooks, scantrons and school supplies), but it also carries natural health items like cookbooks, essential oils, stethoscopes and acupuncture needles.  
  • Students can also get any medical equipment fixed or replaced for free! 

Mosaic Lounge

  • The Mosaic Lounge is a common study area for group work, lunch and community. 
  • It is home to the Student Resource Center, where students can learn about the latest campus events, find a tutor, catch the shuttle to our teaching clinic or pick up their mail.


  • The Bastyr University Chapel features stained-glass windows from Ireland and mosaic artistry and marble from Italy.  
  • Though once a Catholic Seminary, the Chapel is now a secular space used for a variety of events such as weddings, concerts and recordings. 
  • Serves as a recording studio for many artists, including Dave Matthews, and for movie soundtracks such as “Brokeback Mountain,” “The Wedding Planner,” and, most recently, “Selma.”  

Turtle Pond & Courtyard

  • Home to the Bastyr mascots, our turtles! 
  • During warmer weather, the Turtle Courtyard is a great place to eat lunch and catch up with friends.  



  • The Cadaver Lab allows students to take a hands-on approach to learning about the body.
  • Bastyr University is one of the few ND schools to offer this as a part of their program; Each student treats the donor as their first patient.
  •  Programs such as acupuncture also have classes in the Cadaver Lab.

Botanical Medicine Lab

  • Students use this lab space to prepare herbal tinctures, salves, teas, and compresses, using herbs harvested from the Bastyr University Gardens. 
  • Over 350 types of herbs are stored here. 

Physical Medicine Classroom

  • Here, students learn stretches, physical manipulations, taping and ultrasounds.
  • Students are able to attend two physical medicine appointments outside of class for free each week!



  • Hydrotherapy lab includes an infrared sauna, soaking tub and treatment tables. This room is open to student use! Note: Due to Covid-19, sauna is currently unavailable for use.
  • Hydrotherapy is the use of water at different temperatures and forces as a treatment that helps to increase blood flow, to get metabolism and digestion going, or stimulate wound healing.
  • Bastyr University believes in a whole foods philosophy, defined as eating as close to nature as possible, with foods that are as close to being unprocessed/unrefined.

Nutrition Kitchen Lab

  • Nutrition classes are open to all students, as whole-person health often starts with food.  
  • Cooking classes use herbs and produce from the Bastyr University Gardens.

Outdoor Spaces

  • Bastyr University sits inside the beautiful St. Edward State Park. Several trails on campus lead right down to Lake Washington!

St. Edward

State Park

  • The Bastyr University Gardens are organized according to systems of the body: respiratory, digestive, endocrine, etc.

Herb Garden

  • It's completely organic!
  • A variety of Western and Eastern (Chinese, Indian) herbs are grown here.

More Garden

  • Reflexology footpath | Based on wisdom from ancient Egypt, India and China, reflexology paths massage and stimulate acupressure points in the soles of the feet connected to various energy meridians of the body.
  • Sacred Seeds Ethnobotanical Trail | This mile-long trail was created in collaboration with local tribes and herbalists to save seeds from endangered plants indigenous to the Northwest.
  • Teaching Greenhouse
    Dedicated in April 2017 and open to the public
  • The Student Village includes 11 buildings, each with 12 private rooms and bathrooms with shared kitchen, living and study space. 

Student Village

  • The Student Village is LEED Platinum certified by the US Green Building Council. They are energy and water efficient and have rooftop gardens!