Let's be honest

a rant about computering

 July 2015     

by Benjamin Kampmann || @sirDonQui   

at Hackership 15-07 || @hacker_ship

Computering isn't science!

It's engineering at best.

Computering is solving problems using computing  and automation.

Computering is the business of efficiency.

95% of work in computering is done to make an already existing process cheaper and more efficient.

Computering is about reducing work labour.

Even your very own work labour!

we are the chinaman stealing the jobs.

Computering is people business!

You are building stuff for people, used by people by working together with people on problems defined by people.

Work happens in teams.

Though we continue to present singular on stage, the stereotype of the lonely, super hacking nerd is busted.

The daily work is about communication.

Research Technologies

you will

by reading blogs, research papers, documentation, watch videos, conference talks, gettings started guides

Discuss Proposals

by writing specs, presenting demos, discussing features and tools with others over chat, at meetings and conferences


we spend more time talking about what to do than actually doing it. And that is needed.

even more fascinating to think about  considering how bad we are supposadly  at it in the industry.

The diversity problems are men made!

Like literal men.

You are sitting here because you are privileged!

and pampered.

We are all full of shit!