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Baltimore County Public Schools

January 30, 2017

Bill Fitzgerald


School District Employees' Financial Data Compromised in Phishing Scam

In Texas

And Arizona

And At Least 126 More


We are only as secure as our least secure friend

The Promise of Tech

Is it Tech


Is it Data

Increased Accuracy

More Depth of Insight

Greater knowledge about what works

Better support for every kid

Better support for every adult

Reduce duplication of effort

Reduce costs of learning materials

Increase the quality of learning materials

Reduce inefficiency
(not increase efficiency)




Conundrum 1

Conundrum 2

Conundrum 3


How do we allow valid privacy and security concerns to inform a progressive academic program?

These questions and tensions are not unique

What happens after the wrong click?

  • Data minimization

  • Data sunsets

  • Documented access rules about who can access what

  • Audit trails

  • Avoid portable storage (from laptops to USB keys)

  • Training, training, training

  • Not on tech, but on pedagogy

  • Iterative - Start Somewhere, Figure Out What Else Is Needed

  • Breach response plan

  • Breach response training

  • Ongoing penetration testing

Good privacy practice is good pedagogy

Good privacy practice is good software design

Good privacy practice reinforces intentional, informed decisions

Good privacy practice brings a deeper understanding of the tools we use, and why we use them

Questions? Comments?

Bill Fitzgerald

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