3 misconceptions

8 things to try

3 superpowers

1 invitation

3 common misconceptions about arguments...

1st misconception:


Arguments are bad.

2nd misconception:


Arguments change minds.

3rd misconception:


Arguments end.

To unlock the superpower of disagreement, try these 8 things...

1st thing to try:


Watch how anxiety sparks.

2nd thing to try:


Talk to your internal voices.

3rd thing to try:


Develop honest bias.

4th thing to try:


Speak for yourself.

5th thing to try:


Ask questions that invite surprising answers.

6th thing to try:


Build arguments together.

7th thing to try:


Cultivate neutral spaces.

8th thing to try:


Accept reality, then participate in it.

These 8 things can make you at least 5% better at having productive disagreements.

You'll know it's working when:

1. Disagreements lead to growth, connection, and enjoyment.

You'll know it's working when:

2. You end up having fewer repetitive, frustrating arguments.

You'll know it's working when:

3. The world feels bigger.

Will you accept this invitation to study

the art of productive disagreement?