For the love of javascript 

javascript TOOL KIT 

development ENVIRONMENT  



- Built for JavaScript and web technologies

- Supports NodeJS and Grunt debugging 

- git and svn support 

- Code quality analysis

- npm and bower support 

- The most powerful IDE 


- $$

Alternatives, Sublime text, atom, Aptana Studio,  Komodo Edit........

third party apps 

  • Sip - colour picker 
    • Pick colours from any part of the screen
    • Provides colour codes in a wide range of flavour 
  • LICEcap - screen recorder
    • records all or seconds of the screen
    • converts to gif 

web tools  

  • JSFiddle - Web base JavaScript playground  
    • Build small projects and POC's 
    • Easily add dependences
    • Save and share
    •  New version supports ES6
  • CodePen - Style based web playground
    • Allows for html/css/javascript development
    • more focused on UI style and DOM element  

web tools PT2 

  • jsPref - Web base JavaScript Performance  playground  
    • Quickly test JavaScript performance
    • 1000's of examples already built   


  • MDN - The  web standards bible   
    • community run wiki 
    • Covers all web standards including examples and best practices
  • Can I Use - Browser compatibility
    • Covers all modern and older browsers 
    • Provides fall backs
  • Dev Docs - documentation collation 
    • Allows quick searching of docs 
    • community run and constantly updating
    • Works offline    

Package managers   

  • NPM - NodeJS manager of choice    
    • Covers a wide range of server and client tool  
    • Provides access to cli tools such as bower, grunt, gulp, webpack.....
  • Bower - Client side manager
    • Focused on client side packages  
    • Allows installs from github including private repros    

Task Runners   

  • Grunt     
    • Uses configuration objects to control tasks




 Keeping up with the Joneses



Twitter Accounts  

  • @paul_irish
    • Google developer working on Chrome dev tools and maintainer of many open source projects 
  • @addyosmani
    • Google dev working chrome tools and creator of yeoman


  • JavaScript the good parts
    • Best for beginners 
  • Learning JavaScript design patterns
    • Essential must read 
  • Eloquent javascript
    • Great for advancement and skill improvement 




JavaScript Tool Kit

By Chris Laughlin

JavaScript Tool Kit

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