Wishlists in Your

e-Commerce Store

The Wishlist 

We all know what a wishlist is.


          an item? Save it and purchase later.


But do we?


Wishlists can lead to more sales, but it's not a sure bet.


Let's dig into when and where they help your business convert.

Same-Session Holding Area

More often than you think, customers are using their shopping cart as a wishlist: they add items to their cart that they like, but leave them there without purchasing.


If you add a wishlist to your site, cart adds will decrease and wishlist adds will increase, but this alone isn't likely to lead to a big boost in overall sales, just a shift in path.

68% of all online shopping carts are abandoned.

Multi-Session Holding Area

Making the small investment of adding an item to a wishlist increases the likelihood a customer will return because it is easier to find the item again instead of starting a search from scratch.

They are more likely to buy the item when they return to your site, even if they returned for another reason. Expect to see incremental improvement in this area.


Making a wishlist public means there is the potential for gifting, which is highly incremental.

Family and friends are unlikely to just stumble on to a wishlist, so getting customers to explicitly share is important.


Family and friends may or may not buy gifts from shared wishlists.


But by sharing your products, a wishlist customer is still helping to boost your traffic by bringing them to a wider audience with their own referral.

Get Creative

Just like abandoned carts, wishlists are a primo opportunity to nudge customers to their final purchase.

Send emails to bring customers back to items they know they want.

Offer free delivery, special coupons, or limited time deals on wishlist items.

More Than Just a List of Wants

Wishlists provide a window into that customer’s world and how they would like it to be. Retailers can use this information to confirm or adjust their business strategy to ensure it continues to match customers’ stated needs.

Beyond Conversion

Wishlists can help you pinpoint popular items in your inventory. This is a source of valuable market research.

You’ll know which products have the potential for increased demand, simply by attracting certain types of visitors to your website.

Beyond Conversion

Personalized wishlists offer a wealth of data, which you can analyze to:

  • Identify retail trends and manage inventories to match demand
  • Find out and address common gaps in conversion: Is more information needed? The price too high? Are customers waiting for a special occasion?
  • Measure promotional activity and its effect on customers’ wishlist products

Targeted Marketing

Use the data from individual customers to tailor in-store sales approaches, marketing initiatives and after-sales care:

  • Alert customers to special deals on wishlist items
  • Send customized information about promotions directly related to their list
  • Follow up sales with targeted information based on their stated preferences

Use Our Instincts

Take advantage of our natural love of list making. Sites like Pinterest and Polyvore sure do.


Put a ‘Pin It’ button on your site to give your customers even more ways to share and organize what they want to buy.


Monitor customer activity and product presence on these sites, manage the data alongside that of your site's wishlists.


Wishlists in Your Magento Store

The standard Magento® store only allows registered customers to add favorite products to a single list.


The CM Multiple Wishlist extension gives your store the ultimate wishlist experience with multiple lists and advanced management capabilities


Awesome Wishlist Management

*Wishlist items can be added quickly and efficiently in bulk.

*Items are added to a wishlist using a pop up box on the product page.

*Wishlists are easy to manage and share, helping customers to make future or repeating orders.

Simple Admin Controls

View, create, and delete wishlists from the admin dashboard for   each customer.

Customize wishlist building and sharing options for your store.