Animation in the Air

Hi, there

No more words

Why am I interested in and so worry about?


I'm an ​aesthete


1st Reason

The beauty of the site is equal to its convenience, real or potential benefits to the visitor.

2nd Reason

Brain work requires significant body resources. People tend to minimize the thought process.

3rd Reason

The Internet is integrated into everyday life.

How to realize it?

First thought about CSS, right?

When it's good to use?

If we talk about CSS


  • the animation is simple (e.g., button hover animation)

  • the animation should work even if JS is disabled (e.g., loading bar)

What about JS?


  • the animation requires a complex timeline

  • the animation is not supported in CSS or works better with JS animation. 

Why you think so?

Blame for GPU!

Javascript > Style > Layout > Paint > Composite

Browser renders a webpage

We have for animation


frames per second


ms to spend for each frame

Over this

Get experience with 


Coming soon...


Catch me if you can

Thank you for attention

Animation in the Air

By Cristina Landvytovych

Animation in the Air

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