Equilintegration Theory

Craig N. Shealy, Making Sense of Beliefs and Values


The self contains everything that

has passed through our consciousness:

our memories,



and pains.

The self gets structured,

through our accumulated experiences:


how we perceive ourselves,

how we build our priorities of goals,

how we engage with the world.


Beliefs are a person’s ideas about what is true

based on their prior and current interactions

and the inputs from the context in which they live.



Beliefs are the building blocks of values.

Beliefs which you hold and maintain over time

cluster into your personal value system.


A worldview is the structure of your beliefs and values

through which self, others and the larger world

are experienced and explained.

Your worldview is your process of making meaning of life,

which can be conscious or unconscious to you.


A need, is an input that, if a person has to go without,

causes physical or psychological suffering (e.g. rest, belonging).

Core needs have a foundational influence on the formation

of beliefs of ourselves, others, and the world around us.