Our Community is shaped by

following nine Values and Actions:



We uphold that:

Difference is a Fact.

Connection is a Choice.

Celebrating Diversity

Belonging is a Practice.

(Inspired by Tamara Thorpe)

We co-facilitate dialogue processes through which participants:

deepen mutual understandings that support safe spaces

in which building trust and joined actions can become reality.

Initiating Dialogues

We affirm that we are living at a time

in which human capacities enabled an explosion of knowledge

while lacking the space to reflect and integrate those human gifts.

Integrating Knowledge

We believe that our world needs nurturing spaces to move

from theoretical knowledge to practical integration (=wisdom).

(Inspired by Yuval Noah Harari)

In our experience:

Technology can isolate, traumatize, and mindlessly distract.

Balancing Technology

Yet, when used intentionally it can also inspire, nurture, and deeply connect people.

We empower each other by co-creating caring, supportive, and collaborative Virtual Spaces.

In Social Learning we grow through another person.

In Experiential Learning we grow by doing.

Inspiring Learning

In Transformative Learning we grow through perspective change.

We nurture a Culture of Dialogue across Differences

by engaging curiosity, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

We support each other to respond actively

to oversimplifications and divisions within society.

Learning through Difference

We grow awareness that Dialogue is an Art

which must be cultivated to span division.

We affirm that conflict is naturally frightening

as it can be the death of relationship.

Transforming Conflict

Yet, we belief that conflict can be the rebirth of relationship,

when we learn to process it constructively.

We believe that everyone has strengths and qualities.

We witness, validate, and support individuals:

Co-Creating Participatory Culture

To Move Beyond passive observation and isolation with courage.

To Overcome apathy and division with integrity through

the healing power of creativity.

We believe that:

Many of us together

Nurturing Community

are smarter, wiser and more original

than Any of us alone.

(Inspired by Seth Godin)