Process Tools

To strengthen Transformative Learning Experiences

Transformative Learning, at its essence, is about

embarking on inner and outer journeys of discovery...

...and in the process crossing mental, emotional, and perceptual borders.

To support this journey of self-transformation

we created the following Interactive Tools:

TRAIL: Our Virtual Fishbowl Process is the pathway.

COMPASS: Our Learning Framework clarifies directions.

MAP: Our Micro Learning Units guide the journey.

GEAR: Our Mobile App is the Tech-Travel-Gear to:

1. connect the travel group

2. introduce knowledge about the journey ahead

To strengthen this journey of self-transformation

GUIDES: Our Fishbowl Process Videos are the Guides

who model the skills that make the journey possible.

MEMENTOS: Participant’s creations of Multimedia Messages  

are the Journey-Reminders* to:

1) Translate experiences into insights

2) Help remembering them

3) Share these insights with other people

we created the following Interactive Processes:

*(e.g. pictures, reflections, videos, etc.)

JOURNEY: Our Peer Dialogue Processes are the journeys of learning
through other people* and experiences*.

(*Social Learning & *Experiential Learning)

LANDSCAPE: This Journey of Discovery strengthens participants

to connect with Authenticity and Courage to self and other.


"Transformation literally means:

going beyond...

your (current) form."

Wayne Dyer