Self-Knowledge in psychology

is the information an individual draws upon

when answering the questions:

Who am I?

How did I become who I am?

Who do I want to be?"

To answer these questions, you must get to know

yourself through steps such as:

Reflecting curiously the values that drive your behaviour.

Listening openly to how people see and experience you.

Observing carefully your inner conversations about yourself.


Do an Experiment:

What am I thinking, feeling and doing?

Why do I experience this situation this way?

How do my perspectives impact my interactions?

As you go through your day, observe and reflect on

your thoughts, emotions and behavior.

Ask Yourself:

Deeper knowledge of yourself

has the profound power to shape your:


Sense of Self

Sense of Others

Behaviour and Role in the World

"If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves,

it is because self-knowledge (can be) painful

and we prefer the pleasures of illusion."

Aldous Huxley