The Human Brain

and Perceived Threats

“The human brain is AWESOME; it functions 24 hrs  a day from the time we were born and only stops when we take an exam or FALL IN LOVE.”

Ritu Ghatourey

Our brain developed through thousands

of generations to secure our survival.

A perceived threat has a direct impact on our body, mind, and feelings.

Our brain reads situations and prepares us to respond.

SAFETY: ready for social engagement

THREAT: mobilizing for fight or flight

DANGER: focusing single mindedly on survival

The human brain has three distinct areas for unique purposes during a threatening situation.

Logic Center:
Assesses the situation

Emotional Center:
Triggers emotions

Survival Center:
Aims for safety

These three parts work together in ways essential for survival.

In safety, the three areas are working in harmony.

Yet, a perceived threat can override our Logic Center...

and we are functioning only

with our Emotions and Survival Centers.

Remember, for the mind there is no difference
between a real or an imagined threat.

Our brain can perceive a person who is simply different as "dangerous",

lock down our Logic Center,

and mislead us to treat the person as a threat.

In your life:

How do you distinguish between real and imagined threats?