August Penguin 2013

oh hai

Yuval Adam (@yuvadm)

Independent Web Dev, Infra and Ops

"because everything sounds better when someone promises there will be beer"

Crypto - help people use privacy and anonymity software

Party - make it fun, simple and easy to use

Free / Community-organized / Non-commercial


Since August 2012

100's of cities

Dozens of countries

2 Events in Tel Aviv so far

Need more people involved

privacy and anonymity trends

  • Data retention laws
  • Corporate / govt. data hoarding
  • Journalists under gag
  • Whistle-blower persecution
  • PRISM  / Biometric Database / [Insert FUD here]

'i've got nothing to hide'

skip the implementation details

encryption / decryption


plaintext / ciphertext

symmetric / asymmetric

That's it.


the tools

  • PGP - encryption toolkit
  • Tor - anonymity network
  • OTR - secure chat
  • Tails - isolated bootable USB
  • Full-disk encryption

endorsed = FOSS && peer-reviewed

    and the low hanging fruit

    • HTTP security
      • TLS/SSL
      • password management
      • 3rd party tracker/malware blocking
    • Secure mobile VoIP and text (the proverbial "app")
    • Wi-Fi security

    choose your battles

    Define your own threat model

    Give users the freedom to choose

    And the right tools to defend themselves

    cryptoparty handbook

    Work-in-progress attempt to compile all tutorials into a definitive point of reference

    It's in markdown!

    (compiles to HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI)

    organize a cryptoparty!

    You don't need anyone's permission.

    sudo leadership

    expressed goal: bridge the gap,   enable users

    backdoor message: crypto as a political action

    :s/crypto/free software

    Thanks! Questions?