What Is a Micro Market


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What Is a

Micro Market? 



The Benefits of a Micro Market

Replace your vending machines with a
state-of-the-art convenience store!
  • Provide Healthy, Fresh Meals
  • Increases the possibilities of product types and sizes.
  • Provide Products with a Local Flavor

A Micro Market will keep your employees at their desk,
as happier more productive employees!

Just choose ...

Scan ...

ANd Checkout!


Employee don't like leaving the building in extreme weather. 

Give them everything they want
within steps of their work space!


 Markets come in all shapes and sizes!


Our System Can Handle Locations with thousands of employees

32M Mobile App

The Three Square Market mobile application lets customer's have a kiosk in their hand!  It's an easy way to manage their accounts and transactions on the go.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction
  • Healthier, Happier Work Environment
  • Lower Energy Footprint

Let's get started and put a Three Square Market
in your place today!

Customer FAq's

Question:  I don't want to be dealing with theft. 
Please, tell me how you will ensure I won't be having to fire someone over stealing a candy bar?

Answer:  Theft is the #1 question customers have. First, we need our clients to buy in to advising their staff that theft will affect
everyone and isn't acceptable.  Second, we as the operator will provide and monitor security cameras that will be reviewed in the event our inventory is off.  
If we find we have an issue, we will work with you to address
the issue in a professional manner.

Provide Employees with 

the products they want!

Question: This seems like it will take up too much space.  How big will this be? 

Answer:  Our market should fit in to the existing space allotted for vending machines. We can make better use of the space provided and often use less energy with this solution.  We will provide you a floor plan, that will show you how the market will look at your location, prior to agreeing to move forward.

We will create a market 
to fit in your exact location!

Question: How do you ensure that the fresh food won't spoil? 

Answer: The Three Square system has a state-of-the-art inventory management system that tracks our fresh food.
 This way we know when products are set to expire,
 and can move them out of the store.

 Heathy, Fresh, Fast, Local ...

Make everyone
happy with a
micro market!

Question:  Can we track what our employees are purchasing? 

Answer:  Yes, we can set you up with an administrative log in so that you can track purchases and be able to develop contests, incentives, discounts and more for any type of program.

Create incentives for eating healthy

We recommend  the MyFitnessPal App!

Question: Is the kiosk bi-lingual? Is it ADA compliant? 
Can some one who is visually impaired use it? 

Answer:  Yes!

Question: How much will this cost me?

Answer:  Nothing. We carry the cost to install all of this.

Question:  What do I have to provide you to get this installed?

Answer:  The current electricity access plus a data line for the kiosk. 

Go from that to this!

Question: What happens when the power goes out? 

Answer:  Our coolers and freezers have safety features that will lock out the units until proper temperatures are restored.
 Also, our system features a mobile  phone app that will
 allow employees to continue to purchase items that
 are non-refrigerated.

Question: What happens when the internet is lost? 

Answer: The kiosk will operate without internet using the
balances on file at the time of internet loss.  The kiosk will
still accept cash while not connected to the web.

Question: Who monitors these kiosks to ensure they work? 

Answer: 32M has a feature that monitors the system and often detects and fixes issues before they become a problem.


THE kiosks



Customize to your brand

Unlike other companies, Three Square Market provides the ability to customize your kiosks to your location.  

Ask your operator about the ability to brand their kiosk
to your company!


This is what we install ...

  • Cooler
  • Freezer
  • Shelving
  • Slat Wall
  • Accessories

All of this Should fit in to 

the existing vending location at your business.

Satelite Location

The Macro Market can cover multiple locations in a larger facility.
Users can access their market accounts at all locations!


The Launch


Email Blast 10 days prior to launch

An e-mail blast instructing employees on how to
create an account and add funds preparing them 
for the market launch date.


We will increase your employees awareness of the new micro market by using signage and an on-site presence!

  •  Handouts will also
    employee awareness of
    the micro market.
  • Instruct users on setting
    up a market account.
  • Encourage users to explore the smartphone application.

Handouts at Launch

On-Site Presence at launch

We will be on-site for the launch of your new
micro market  to: 
  • teach employees to use the market
  • assist in creating accounts
  • answer questions about the market
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