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The largest chunk of our AWS bill after the lift-and-shift migration, by a wide margin, was the EMR collection. Before we retired it, our QA as well as production EMR implementations contained 2 m4.xlarge instances and two m4.2 xlarge instances. Completely the regular monthly price totaled up to $1123. Check more at FloTech


Athena's pricing is simple, Amazon bills $5 per terabyte scanned by all inquiries run in account (when evaluating a query the Athena interface will certainly show you the size of information checked).


This additionally suggests that queries which just hit the metastore for metadata (and therefore do not check S3) don't set you back anything. For instance, "matter(*)" in a dividers or "reveal dividers" are totally free to run. Because every one of our hive queries ran on a schedule it was very easy to predict our prices, which projected to be about $30/month.