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Victor Manuel Rivas Santos

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Lend me your navigator...

just to make some research

By Víctor M. Rivas Santos



English Course B.2.1 / CEALM - UJA

May, 2015


  • Web navigators used to make complicated calculations
  • Many navigators can yield good results: cooperation
  • Index
    • Data+Algorithm+Language+Computer
    • Javascript
    • Our experiments
    • The future

The basis

  • Researching in CS ~~ "building and running" programs
  • Building:
    • Algorithm
    • Language
  • Running
    • Data
    • Computer(s)

  preparing a (good) mojito {

º    put brown sugar and mint leaves in your glass

     crush a lime

     add crushed ice

     put 2 shots of rum

     shake it

     add Sprite, 7UP or Ginger Ale


Data+Algorithm  vs


  • The good news:
    • Data: can be local (files) or available from one server (URL)
    • Algorithm: is an abstract concept
  • The bad news:
    • Language: needs a translator
    • Computers: resources controlled by an Operating System
      • Linux, MacOS, Windows
      • Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Tizen
    • Frequently, a program only runs in a given platform

Unity makes strength

  • So... how many computers do we really need?
    • Option 1: A single, big, fantastic, expensive and, probably, very soon outdated one
    • Option 2: As many as you can... no matter their specific characteristics 
  • But then... how can we make a program that can be easily translated and run in many different computers?
    • Option 1: Convincing a huge amount of people of installing a given translator
    • Option 2: Choosing a translator already installed by a huge amount of people

And the winner is...

  • So, we need:
    • A program...
    • ...that is already installed by people in their computers...
    • ... and that is able to translate and run programs
  • Does it exist?
    • Definitely (and fortunately) yes!
    • In fact, there exist many of them
    • They are called web navigators
      • Firefox
      • Chrome
      • Opera
      • some times, even Internet Explorer :)

So... my navigator is a code translator?

  • First navigators couldn't translate any but HTML code
    • Describing a document's layout and content
    • No operations can be done
<h1>Unity makes strength</h1>
    <li>First thinng you need</li>
    <li>Secong thing you need</li>
  • Current navigators can translate and execute Javascript
  var birthYear = prompt( "Enter the year you were born" )*1;
  var age = (new Date()).getFullYear() - birthYear;
  alert( "You are " + age + " years old" );


Most web pages use Javascript

How can we use Javascript to do research?

  • We collect some data ( traffic? blood donors?)
  • We create a model (Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithms, ... )
  • We try to forecast future values


We're trying
to do this in
YOUR navigator!!


First experiment...

  • We created the jsEO program
  • We left it http://vrivas.es/jseo
  • We asked people in Facebook and Twitter to access that page, and waited...

    Would people lend us their navigators to do some research?

...and its results

The future

  • Enhancing the program to deal with time-series forecasting problems
  • Making it run in "background" mode
  • Building user-friendly applications
  • Publishing papers


Lend me your navigator... just to do some research!

By Víctor Manuel Rivas Santos


English Course B.2.1 - CEALM - UJA