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Why Choose
Three Square

The Benefits of a Micro Market

Replace your vending machines with
a state-of-the-art convenience store!
  • Provide healthy, fresh meals.
  • Increases the possibilities of product types and sizes.
  • Provides useful calorie disclosure information through our interface MyFitnessPal.
  • Provide products with a local flavor.

A Micro Market will keep employees at their desk,
as happier more productive employees!

Revenue growth should be
30-40% or more ...

  • If it isn't we didn't do our job.

  • Expect your sales per employee to go from $1-2 weekly on a vending machine to $20-30 monthly.

  • 32M will teach you micro markets - from the technology to how to set it up, merchandise and manage your inventory.

  • We will help you maximize your profits and provide you an industry-best ROI.


 Markets come in all shapes and sizes!


scalable to Under 50 Employees ...


To Thousands of Employees! 

why choose a

Three Square Market?

Besides all the benefits of a Micro Market - 32M gives you:

  • The ability to quickly & easily track customer trends.
  • Industry Best Inventory Management
  • Quick ROI (Average 2-4 months)
  • Durable, Customizable Kiosk Options
  • Affordable Kiosk Options
  • The Industry's 1st Smartphone Application
  • Scalable for small and large businesses.

The Details:

At 32M we price our kiosks and software at an affordable rate, 
so you will gain ROI instead of a 2nd Mortgage!


Market Kiosk             Micro/Express Kiosk              Tablet Kiosk
$3295                             $3095 or $2495 *w/out bill acceptor)                    TBD


The average store cost for a 32 Market is just: 

$4,000 - $6,000

All of our competitors' standard kiosk alone is priced at over $7,500!

With 32M's patented
Custom Developed Software ...

You can:

  • Track Food Spoilage (An Industry First!)
  • Track Customer Trends
  • Review Customer Accounts
  • Manage your Store & Warehouse Inventory
  • Create, Receive and Review Orders

All from your Computer or Smartphone!

Inventory Management system

Our inventory management system has been labeled by operators replacing our competitor's system with ours as ... "far superior!"

Customize to your brand

Unlike other companies, Three Square Market provides the ability to customize your kiosks to your location.  

Brand your kiosks to the company, your business or stick with
Three Square Market branding!

The 32Market Smartphone App:

The very first of it's kind the smartphone application let's
each individual have their own personal kiosk!
  • Eliminates the need to wait in line! Increases the number of sales possible.

  • The application gives each customer an individualized
    bar code to quickly log in to the kiosk.

  • The mobile admin app let's you manage your entire operation on the go.


To increase traffic in your market you can
add on services, such as:
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Fast Food Options
  • Online Flowers
  • Garage Sale 

If your location has an on-site cafeteria, 
add Online Cafeteria Ordering to your market!
Lower your customer's wait time and make
your business and theirs more efficient.

Satelite Location

The Macro Market - 
  • Can cover multiple locations in a larger facility.
  • Customers can access their market account at all locations.

Combination Deals!

By combining a Market Kiosk and Express Kiosk in one location you can maximize your market's efficiency while minimizing kiosk costs!


Operator Questions?

  • Isn't it expensive?
  • It might be too technical.
  • My Clients are too small
    for a Micro Market. 

isn't it Expensive?

Quote from a 32Market Operator,  John Ward -
"Perhaps with some of the other suppliers of
micro markets this would be true, however with 32Market this is not the case at all.  With a 32Market our total cost with everything is between
$4,000 and $5,000."

Why does 32M cost Less than others?

Our business model is that we would rather have operators opening more markets! Over the long run we expect to make more money as a provider allowing 3 markets to open versus 1 with our competitors, thus allowing operators to open 20-30 markets in short order versus 4-5. 

Both 32M and the Operator benefit from this!

The Numbers

Vending compared to Micro Markets:
  • Average increase in sales is 30-50%.
  • Less Refunds
  • More Products
  • Charge tax on items.
  • Track customer trends and maximize sales.
  • Give your customer what they want.

Micro Market Success Story: 

One of our current operators, previous using vending had over $30,000 in equipment to service 400+ employees, and
made on average $12,800 monthly. 

Since implementing 32M in July of 2013, sales at this location
average over $22,000 monthly using micro market technology. 
Their upfront cost was approximately $9,000 to install.

it sounds Technical?

A 32M Operator says, 
"As far as technical abillity, I say if you know how to
e-mail and open up a browser -  you can handle it.  
The system is very user friendly and the staff at 32Market can AND will guide you though it all!"

Manufactured In-house

We manufacture and develop all of our equipment and
software in-house.  This saves everyone the mark-up of a
kiosk manufacturer or software developer.

We have no other companies or owners in the food chain.
At 32M, you are dealing with the decision makers!

Free Training with 32M

We don't want to sell you our product without
also giving you with the knowledge to use it!
Attend the twice weekly training seminars provided by 32M at no cost.

*Because we have high standards for our markets,
Operators are expected to attend at least
6 training sessions with our Training Staff.

Getting Started with 32M ...

As Your Distributor We Will:
  • Register all new operators.
  • Assist in completing new operator agreements.
  • Assist with coordinating required training.
  • Communicate equipment and kiosk purchases with 32Market.

Getting started with 32M ...

The Operator Will:
  • Receive the 32M Kick-Off Call
  • Attend 32M Free Training Sessions
  • Supply 32M with their product catalogs
  • Start Selling Markets

So You Want To Sell a Micro Market

It's important to know your audience. 
Be prepared with:
  • Market Mock-ups (Available from 32M)
  • Marketing Materials
  • Pricing options

**For Market Mock-Ups look for our generic set ups on

 Mock Ups


Do Your Markets need coolers/Freezers/shelving? 

We can help with that!

Marketing Material Available to you

We  also  customize  our  marketing  pieces  with  your  information  if  requested.  
Please have logo  files  available  to  you  at  the  time  of  request.

The Keys to being a successful
micro market operator!



We provide you simple to use automated tools to sell markets to customers, outlining what a market is and how it works, and why a market will benefit a business and more!

Contract Negotiations

During the contract process, getting the client to buy-in to establishing that
theft isn't acceptable.


Setting up your merchandise so that your floor plan and product placement maximizes sales.

Pricing and Product

We provide reports that will ensure you are maximizing your ROI on your daily sales. We also automate your inventory management using our proprietary product re-order methodology so that you always have the right amount of inventory in your store and warehouse.


We teach and provide you the marketing materials needed to make the great first impression you will need to make your markets a success!

Free Webinars, training & updates

We provide free on-going training and have endless training resources dedicated to market operators and distributors. We also update our system automatically, so you have peace of mind that your system will always have the latest from 32M.

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