Simple Event Planning Ideas for First Time Party Planners

Lee Richards

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Event planning is hard enough when you've never had to be responsible for the writing of guest lists, finding venues, ordering decorations, and renting facilities before. Most of the work comes down to researching your options and reaching out to make connections with the companies you want to work with, it can easily take weeks to put everything together perfectly, and even then there can be unexpected headaches to contend with.

When throwing an event, sometimes the hardest thing to deal with is the endless phone calls from vendors and other contacts trying to get your event moving along smoothly. You have party ideas that are exciting and new, but you need to keep them in mind throughout the whole process so that nothing falls by the wayside or is left to the last minute. These are some of our top party ideas for special events for inexperienced party planners.

Everyone loves a party and everyone has their own party planning ideas depending on the event. Some of the most popular types of event that are celebrated are Christmas parties, Easter parties, Halloween parties, New Years Eve parties, baby showers, and St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg. The holiday season and festive seasons offer plenty of reasons to celebrate for all of the guests who attend and for those who host these events.

Anniversaries and weddings are also widely celebrated with a party, and these events are highly personal to the couple being celebrated. These kinds of events offer a unique experience to guests as they celebrate their friends or loved ones. These parties are joyous occasions, and it is common for the couple to be heavily involved in the party planning process, or at least for their input to be used to create an event that is unique and personal for them.

In addition to decorations, event planners often think up other party ideas that will help make the occasion even more memorable. One idea for a lighthearted birthday party is to provide plenty of food, drinks, and maybe even a karaoke session or other musical entertainment. If you are planning a more serious event such as a corporate event then look for entertainment such as educational speakers and product launches.

There are also countless ideas for party games, food, and drinks that event planners can research online to help create a special party. We love to use inspiration sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to find party planning ideas and looking for party venue hire Hong Kong, and you can be sure that the ideas you find on these sites and social media pages will be trendy and stylish. You don’t need to copy someone else’s event perfectly to create a winning party, just look for elements of design such as colour and style to inspire you and create something unique.

If you're throwing a party for a group of young kids, consider having party games that incorporate an educational aspect. Educational parties are fun and engaging for young minds, and games are often one of the best ways for young children to learn. If you are having a Christmas party for children, for example, you can incorporate games which are designed to teach children the origins of Christmas, or even teach them about how Christmas is celebrated in other cultures around the world. You can do similar things for holidays such as Easter, Hanukkah, Eid, and even Halloween.

Older kids might prefer a set activity at the party such as bowling, music, or even a movie projected onto a big screen for a personal cinema experience. You can be as creative as you like when planning parties for kids and young people, just make sure that any food, entertainment and activities are age appropriate for all of the children and young people who will be attending.

Before you make a start on your party planning, it is important to note that you should think about your budget early on, and should make sure that you are reasonably aware of how much each aspect of your event will cost. Plan accordingly, and try to stick as closely to your budget as possible.