Droidcon IN2014 - Chrome Apps for Mobile

Rudraksh M.K.

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Chrome Apps for Mobile

HTML5 mobile dev done right?

What happened to PhoneGap?

  • The source is being incubated at ASF, known as Cordova
  • PhoneGap is an Adobe trademark, integrated with their product workflow
  • PhoneGap hasn't worked out too well.



And Cordova?

  • Stronger with active community involvement
  • Supports a lot of device functions across platforms.
  • Not perfect, but it works.

So...Chrome Apps?

  • Simply, web apps running on Chrome, with extra zing.
  • Hosted or packaged
  • Relatively easy to convert existing code.


  • Mobile Chrome Apps - package Chrome Apps for mobile.
  • Built on Cordova.
  • Access Chrome APIs for identity, notifications.


  • WebViews - broken!
  • The Chrome runtime's far more advanced, and optimized.
  • Works on lots of platforms - but let's not go there right now.


  • Chrome App Dev Tool for Mobile
  • CCA
  • Chrome Dev Editor


  • Platea

Putting it together

  • Cordova - Device functionality
  • Famo.us - Smooth, complex UIs
  • Parse/CloudEngine - Powerful backends

So what do we have here?

It's early days yet, but this is probably HTML5 for Android done right.

Play with it!

  • https://github.com/MobileChromeApps/mobile-chrome-apps
  • https://github.com/rudimk/platea


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