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Dyan Galih

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Make Your Android Dream Come True

Dyan Galih Nugroho Wicaksi - Mr.G

Twitter: @DyanGalih

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Email: dyan.galih@gmail.com

WA: 089672015135

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February 2016

About Me

Love Code, Learn, Share, Watch Movie

  • Web(php, html, css, js)
  • Java
  • Android
  • Linux Sysadmin(Ubuntu, Debian, CenOS, Rhel)
  • Mac User

S Johnny Arif P

Gamatechno Android Developer

Windows User


Shendy Aditya Syamsudin

Gamatechno Android Developer

Windows User

Never Ask For This

What You Must Have?

  • Computer / Pc
  • OS (Linux / Windows / Mac)
  • Android Studio
  • Emulator / Gadget Android + driver
  • Internet
  • English(Write/Read)


Android Studio

Developer Option

Android Emulator - AVD (Android Virtual Device)

Android Emulator - Genymotion

Let's Start To Code And Get Some Error


  • Open Android Studio
  • Create New Android Project
  • Choose Default Activity

Build Android App

Build App

  • Build > Generate Signed APK
  • Complete Certificate
  • Choose Release / Debug
  • Finish

Free and open source Android apps

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