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have plenty of videos of me beforehand but i don't have like before and after photos which would have been nice but yeah i'm just trying to think if i've left anything out obviously because i do go to f45 it is kind of hard to film what i do at the gym because it's not me there's other people in the class with me i do want to ask um like the owner if i can like get someone to film me and just like show some of the workouts that i do basically f45 will be monday wednesday friday are my cardio days or hit days and then tuesdays and thursdays are weights so three times a week we do high intensity where we're sweating jumping around a lot lots of burpees jumping jacks running type of exercises very high intensity and then tuesdays and thursdays we're

obviously doing like lots of weights and like going a bit heavier i definitely have noticed myself slowly increase my strength because i didn't want to injure myself having correct form is super important when you're at the gym i found that that combination of exercise has made such a big difference and yeah my arms particularly in my abs and my back so i would highly highly recommend trying to find that exercise that you like doing i've never tried personal training which would be fun one day actually i guess i should finish it off this video with like recommendations i think my biggest piece of advice would be take it easy it's not a race