Django London Meetup


January Edition



  1. Talks

  2. Announcements

  3. Drinks at the Space Bar

  4. Stragglers at the Red Lion

The talks


Factoryboy: Creating data for

unit tests in an easy way

Andrea Grandi


What is Django Channels?

Anand Kumria


Heroku tour

Marco Alabruzzo


Creating a custom Django Middleware

Andrea Grandi


A touch of class: getting the most out
of Django's class based views

David Seddon


Next Django meetup


Tuesday 16 February


(We are going to try to stick to the
third Tuesday of every month)

Thank you Anand!



If anyone else is interested in sponsorship,

please get in touch via:

Freelancers needed!




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Action Tutoring

Django CMS site


Django London Meetup

By David Seddon

Django London Meetup

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