Colorado has one of the highest incarcerations rates in the United States


Colorado’s incarceration rate of 506 per 100,000 is much greater than the collective 50-state  (462) and  

Western states (458) average


In Recent  Law Reviews in Colorado it shows that 97% of the time a prosecutor in Colorado bypasses the Grand jury Indictment system and prosecute capital or infamous felony crimes by an "Information", which is a misdemeanor, charging document used to prosecute less serious offenses than felonies

What is a grand jury??

A group of Citizens who listen to the case presented by a prosecutor and determine whether there is sufficient evidence to grant an Indictment.

The Grand Jury System was established in (1861) in Colorado, 14 years before a state government was established in Colorado. 

Article 2, section 8, of Colorado constitution

"That until otherwise provided by Law no person shall for a felony be proceed against criminally otherwise than by Indictment …"

An Indictment for felonies is required in the entire State of Colorado, so by a prosecutor using any other charging instrument ("Information") to prosecute a felony offense it makes the charging document NULL & VOID, and violates U.S. Citizens (Substantive & Procedural) Due Process Rights set forth in Article 2, section 25, of the Colorado Constitution

Courts Have no Authority

When a prosecutor uses any other charging instrument other than an Indictment for felonies, the Court exceeds its jurisdiction/authority to proceed against a U.S. Citizen in Court .

Misconduct, OPPRESSION & color of law

Any state prosecuting attorney/official acts under Color of Law, by using an information charging instrument to prosecute any felony offense in Colorado is an act of official misconduct & oppression, which violates the people/citizens, thus, commit a criminal offense. It is fraud!

Slavery Still Exist in Colorado

According to Article 2, section 26, of the Colorado state constitution it prohibits slavery unless dully (correctly) convicted. Without an Indictment by a Grand Jury for a felony offense the district court never had authority to proceed against a U.S. Citizen and there never were any charges to face.  So a conviction without an Indictment, subjects a U.S. Citizen to Involuntary Servitude/slavery,  which violates an Individual citizens Human & Civil Rights under the 13th  and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and Article 2, Section 26, of the Colorado State Constitution.

slavery still exist (continued)

Since the 14th Amendment was ratified in (1868), the so called Black-Americans  became U.S. Citizens. This Amendment had never been abolished and it is appalling that the Black-American U.S. Citizens mentioned herein are being detained & treated like Dred Scott; who was considered a free slave but NOT a citizen of the United States and therefore, had no rights in the United States at ALL

Slavery Still Exist in Colorado !

 now what will you do to stop it !

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