PoleBuddy Updates!

The PoleBuddy developers have been working hard to add your most requested features!!


  • Number of available positions/slots in each class is now visible!
    • When not logged in you will see "Filling" and "Full" next to classes with few or no spaces left.
    • When logged into your account, you will see the exact number of spaces left in class.
  • Search function for your enrolments!
    • In your Profile, under Studio, you can now search your enrolments using keywords and should be able to browse through all your classes!

Need to early cancel?

In your profile, click View next to the class in question, then click the Withdraw button.  click Catch-up to add your credit back to your account!

Have you checked out our new classes?

Mondays:  Pole Physics 101 w/Lauren @ 7:30pm

  • All skill levels welcome
  • Advance at your own pace
  • Skills only, no dance


Tuesdays: Pole Master Low Flow w/Candice @ 7:45pm

Saturdays: Pole Master Choreo Flow w/ Kenz @ 2:45pm

  • Pole Master level required


$180  8-week session

$25 casual/drop-in