Practice Development Certificate Program:


What's In It For YOU

This program is for you if:

  • You are committed to running your private practice in an effective and ethical manner.

  • You are open to new ideas and new streams of income.

  • You want to position yourself for success in an uncertain future.

Why take the courses, when you can buy a book for a lot less money?

  • You already have many books on your shelf that you bought with the intent of reading "some day."

  • Wouldn't you rather get your business training now, rather than "some day?"

  • The CAPE program schedules and structures your learning, keeping you motivated. Plus, it includes way more than you'll find in any book.

What's the advantage of having a certificate in Mental Health Practice Development?

  • Your certificate is evidence of your comprehensive study of subject areas necessary for success and satisfaction in practice, and approved by a university.
  • If you join an existing practice, your certificate can give you leverage in negotiating a favorable contract.

  • If you merge with another practice or hire associates, your certificate can give you additional credibility in finalizing the terms of your agreement.

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  • Questions? Contact Dr. Rod Goodyear, Director: