What's the latest election news?

What is the latest election news?

Got any news from the election for me?

latest news

News, plz. 

what's happening on the campaign trail today?

so wut happned in the election 2day?

yo what is the latest news botface

The latest election news. Hit me with it.


more realistic FEATURE SET

Basic election info

Basic candidate info

Electorate candidates

Electorate candidate for party

Is a candidate running?

Who's running for senate

Where is an electorate

Live election results


  • Hard to do well (but isn't everything)
  • Can go part of the way there


  • Maybe harder to do well
  • Difficult to start from scratch
  • Less predictable

Rest assured something will go wrong.


got anything for Ipswich? asking for a friend


how many human jobs are you taking

are you covered by the ABC enterprise agreement? How does it classify your role?

are you the suppository of all knowledge?

if Turnbull leaves at 7am at 13 km/h and Shorten leaves at 8am at 3 km/h who is the dumbest?

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


None shall pass

what would the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow be if it were owned and operated by the AEC?


where are the sausage sizzles?

What is Parakeelia?

What's the latest news from the greens?

When was the last double dissolutin


why are you so biased?

how long before you get accused of left-wing bias like #qanda

Why is the abc so biased against the liberal party

Why is the ABC news coverage so blatantly partisan towards the LNP?

Really? You should be deleted ABC Newsbot. Shameful spruiking of the Libs. Forgot the other polls?

Explain yourself newsbot


how much is the reef influencing voters and politician promises?

who are the crackpots?

who really is @ABCnewsIntern ?

How many times has Chris Uhlmann said 'brown' on ABC 2?

I am over 40, married with two children under 10 years old. Which of the parties is going to benefit me the most?


Why did the Government stop building a world class broadband network, leaving a massive repair bill in the future to retrofit it

Why did the LNP Govt stop building a world class broadband network, leaving a huge retrofit bill into the future? #auspol #NBN

who is the most homophobic politician is Australia?

is the prime minister a Goldman Sachs shill?

Please name one single conservative presenter on the ABC? @chriskkenny


what's 1 divided by 0?

Who developed you?

is @drzax the coolest guy at the abc?


What makes you happy?

Damn robot you smart.

Would you go out for drinks?

Can you recommend a good Red Wine?

Where are my pants?

Will you be my Bae

why are you ignoring me


You loyal. You a genius.

Is it true that you and @TayandYou have been dating?

can I have a hug?

what colour underwear are you wearing?

Why are you avoiding me?

What's the point?

Do you have a soul?

Do you love Anthony Green?

What does Antony Green smell like and how erotic would you say the scent is on a scale of 1-10?